Renuvion® Skin Tightening

A revolutionary way to tighten skin

Also known as J-Plasma, Renuvion® is an advanced sub-dermal contraction procedure that combines helium plasma and RF energy. Rather than risk overheating a large area of skin, Renuvion® targets the speficic treatment area to achieve optimal contraction without injury to surrounding tissue.

Non-surgical neck lift
Scarless Upper Arm Tightening
Tighten Love Handles
Tighten Abdominal Skin
+ Additional Areas
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What will the results be?

We know the aging process can’t be stopped, but through the use of energy devices, like Renuvion®, we know it is possible to contract soft tissues and start the collagen rebuilding process known as neocollagensis. This process takes 6-9 months which is why effects will improve over time. Renuvion® is one of the latest game-changing technologies with early data showing results lasting up to 2.5 years.

What happens during the treatment?

During the procedure the Renuvion® energy is applied underneath the skin, heating the collagen and other structures to the temperatures needed for optimal tissue contraction. This heating is done quickly and the tissue is cooled back to baseline in less than 1 second.

Can I return to normal activities after the procedure?

Patients who undergo a Renuvion® skin tightening procedure will experience light bruising and swelling, but this usually fades within a week. Most patients are back to their normal schedules within two to three days.

When will I see results?

You will start to see results within a few days as swelling subsides, but you will not see full results for six to nine months as it takes this long for collagen to be stimulated.

Are the results permanent?

Typically, patients only need one or two treatments to achieve their desired results and these results are relatively permanent. In fact, it is estimated that the treatment of the face and neck will last a minimum of 5 years, especially with good skincare following the procedure.

How do I get started?

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