ThermiSmooth® Skin Tightening

A revolutionary way to revitalize your skin

A procedure for improving the appearance of aging skin through tightening and increasing collagen production over a period of time.

ThermiSmooth® therapy is one of a revolutionary new class of technologies to revitalize and smooth sagging skin without surgery, without pain, and without a recovery period. If you want to ward off the effects of aging, ThermiSmooth® treatments may be the answer.

ThermiSmooth® is used to rejuvenate almost any area of the face and reduces the appearance of saggy bags under the eyes, as well as lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin around the mouth, forehead, eyelids, and neck.

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What will the results be?

Most patients will follow through a series of 3-6 applications for ThermiSmooth Face and 4-6 applications for ThermiSmooth® Body to see their desired results. Treatments are applied over a 6-8 week timespan. After each application, patients will see a decrease in fat and an increase in the firmness of the face and skin.

What happens during the treatment?

After applying a small amount of coupling gel, the ThermiSmooth® handpiece is applied to the skin’s surface. The Thermi250™ system is set to a specific target temperature (i.e.., 42°C – 45°C). The hand piece is gently moved in a sweeping or circular fashion while gradually heating up the skin surface. As the skin’s temperature rises to the targeted temperature, the Thermi250™computer automatically adjusts the energy output to ensure precision of heating. A small zone is treated for about 5 minutes to achieve the goal of sustained heating to the target tissues. Treatments are repeated several times to achieve the desired cosmetic result.

Can I return to normal activities after the procedure?

ThermiSmooth® is a completely non-invasive procedure that is FDA cleared and results in no downtime. Patients generally experience mild redness which typically dissipates within a few hours. You may resume normal activites right after your procedure is finished.

When will I see results?

You may notice changes immediately after treatment, but it typically takes three to six months and up to 10 months before you see complete results depending on your treatment program and goals.

Are the results permanent?

The benefits of ThermiSmooth® can last a year or more.